Tue 06 Apr 2021 15:43

Wimborne Rugby Football Club Limited

Annual General Meeting 

Minutes of AGM 23rd April 2019 – 19:15


  • To note attendance and receive any apologies
  • To note minutes from the previous AGM
  • To receive and approve reports from the Wimborne RFC Chairman and the Mini & Youth Chairman on behalf of the Wimborne RFC Management Committee
  • To receive and approve reports from the Wimborne RFC Treasurer for year ending June 2018 and the current trading year 2018/9
  • To receive nominations and to elect officers to serve on the Management Committee for the coming year
  • Appointment of Auditors.
  • To elect any new Vice Presidents and/or Life members

Mike Moysey open the meeting at 19:15 and read out agenda.

  1. Apologies were received from Jacquie Streener, Chris Leaton and Mike Hartland.
  2. Minutes of last year’s AGM was approved.
    1. Mike read out the Chairman’s update which can be found in Appendix A
    2. Simon updated the forum with the M&Y update found in Appendix B
  3. Mike updated the meeting with his Finance update. – found in Appendix C
  4. Election of officers.





Mike Wickenden

Mike Moysey


Mike Moysey

Roger Wyle


Mike Fort

Mike Fort

Hon. Secretary

Jared Budnarowski

Jared Budnarowski

Chairman M&Y

Simon Humphrey

Paul Gosling


Dan Draper

Dan Draper

Directory of Rugby

Barry Maidment

Giles Hewson


After the election Mike stood down and welcomed Roger who presided the rest of the meeting.

Roger thanked everyone for the opportunity to take over as Chairman and thanked Mike for putting the club in a strong solid position going forward.

  • Appointment of Auditors. – England & Co.
  • The following people were elected as VPs:
    1. Chris Leaton
    2. Simon Humphrey
    3. Neil Mason
    4. Mark Llewellyn


  • AOB

Roger mentioned that as part of restructuring the Club he would undertake a review of our current rules and look to make sure these best supported any future operating model. 

Roger mentioned that next season is our 70th Anniversary and looked forward to celebrating the season with some special events. Details to follow.


Meeting closed at 20:20.

Appendix A – Chairman’s Report.  Download

Appendix B M&Y update   Download

Appendix C – Finance Update.