In the 2019/2020 Season 
WIMBORNE RUGBY CLUB celebrated their 70th Anniversary

Wimborne RFC - How it all began

The seeds were sown back in 1934/5 when East Dorset Rugby Football Club was formed. Unfortunately this club was rudely curtailed by the onset of World War II.
It was not until 1948 that a reformation of the club took place under the Old Wimbornians, supported by the Old Wimborne Grammar School.

In 1950, after a meeting at the Griffin Hotel, (now a block of flats) next to Wimborne Station (now a market), opposite Andy's Cafe (now houses), it was decided to form Wimborne Rugby Football Club, incorporating the Old Wimbornians.
This meeting was attended by a number of famous ‘old boys’ including Maurice Herridge, Ivor Hilliam, Bill Williams, Gunner Holman and Douggie Harrison (who went on to be the 59th President of the RFU).

The original minutes of this meeting stated that the club colours would be ‘all black’ with white collars and sock tops – this was decided primarily because it was inexpensive. 
The logo depicted the Wimborne Minster church.
Early fixtures were held at Merley Camp (now Cobhams Flight Refuelling Social Club) and at the Hanhams ground (which later became the town cricket pitch, and is now home to Waitrose).

In 1963 the club moved lock, stock and barrels (!) to Leigh Park where the club remains to date.

The club includes two bars plus a large function hall. The Harrison room is dedicated to Douggie Harrison 1911-1989.

In September 2015, The Maurice Herridge Room was officially named, in memory of Maurice who will always be fondly remembered at Wimborne.

Above is one of the first teams to play for Wimborne in 1950 - 51 season.

Team photos for each decade can be found in the Gallery, from the main MENU, or you can use the links below:

1950 - 1959 >>>

1960 - 1969 >>>