Fri 18 Mar 2022 11:11

Wimborne Rugby Club was formed in 1950 (see A Brief History >>> to learn more)

The men that proudly pulled on the black jersey of Wimborne RFC will be depicted through the decades in our photo galleries.

Through these photos, you can put names to faces of the players that we owe our thanks to, for sowing the seeds and firmly planting the roots of this amazing Club.

The Gallery will gradually 'grow' with team photos from more recent times, right up to the (hopefully soon) post Covid era!!

To whet your appetite, here we have the first ten years from the nineteen fifties:  >>>1950 - 1959 (scroll through each season of the decade)

Team photos for each decade will be found in the Gallery, from the main MENU, or you can use the links below for individual seasons:

1950-1951  1951-1952  1952-1953  1953-1954  1954-1955  1955-1956  1956-1957  1957-1958    1959-1960

The photo for the season 1958-1959 is missing. Can you help? Do you have one in your collection?
If so, please contact Jud Maidment

The names below are the players from the first decade of Wimborne RFC, with a cross-reference to the year of the photos that they appear in: