Dear Members

As the severity of what we all face begins to become more clear, I thought it appropriate that I bring you up to date on some club news:

Firstly, as I am sure many of you are now aware, the RFU has called an end to the season at our level. Many of you will be interested where this will leave us and what we will be looking forward to next year. Well the truth is as yet we do not know. The RFU will make a call on promotion and relegation towards the end of April. Taking the season into context and our current league position I think it a fair assumption that although it was still mathematically possible for us to stay up, we should expect relegation - just my expectation.

It is with sad news that I announce that Club powerhouse of the 80’s Trevor David experienced a mild heart attack this week and is currently recovering in Hospital, I am sure that all of you who know Trevor will join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.

Club 70th, well unbelievably in these times, this is still as of TODAY going ahead, we have committed a several thousand pound deposit which the hotel wants to keep if WE choose to cancel or postpone the event. This is very much dependent upon Boris officially cancelling social gatherings in hotels not just clubs and pubs etc - I am in constant, if not stRained, talks with the hotel and expect to hear a more suitable solution early this coming week.

On a personal note, a huge thank you for the amount of people across all levels of our club for the offers of assistance  to the local community and in particular Leigh Park and Wimborne Town. I know that this has been very well received and i am sure as time progresses will be called upon.

To the many of our members who are professional healthcare workers, community workers, police, fire fighters, armed forces,shop workers etc WE THANK YOU,STAY STRONG - together we will beat this.

On behalf of myself, our President Mr Mike Moysey and the rest of our committee, please stay safe, listen and abide, the advice of those more informed than ourselves. If you need help reach out, there will be someone within our community that can assist you. Stay safe and I look forward to enjoying a beer or two with you all  once we get through this.

Roger Whyle
WRFC Chairman