Thu 16 Jan 2020 16:02

To ALL Players, VP’s and Social Members, may I please politely remind you that your memberships are now overdue - if you have not already paid.

Our club prides itself upon both our performance on the pitch and further, the support we provide to both the local community and Rugby folk in general.

I can assure you this does not come cheap, and over the years, with more governance and regulation, we are finding it increasingly more difficult to continue to deliver the highest standard we can achieve. We remain a Community Members Club for use by its members and your membership contributions are not only gratefully received, but further imperative if we wish to continue into the future.

I appreciate paying your membership is very much like going to the dentist, the longer you put it off the more painful it becomes, so please let’s get it done, we very much need it with the future we have planned.

Full details and forms are available Follow this link >>>  or please contact Mr Bob Fountain directly who I am sure shall be happy to accommodate you.


Roger Whyle