Sat 15 Jun 2019 15:54

Many of you will hopefully have seen the recent updates about the renewed potential relocation of Wimborne RFC as a result of the recent planning application submission.

See the Club Relocation Proposals >>>

This heralds an exciting new phase for the Club. It will however require a huge amount of work to guide the way ahead, and progress the many issues that will need to be addressed as the project moves forward.

As a result, we recognise the need to expand the Steering Group charged with managing this task.

We would therefore like to invite anyone who considers that they have the skills and enthusiasm required to contribute to this venture, to make themselves known.

If you are interested, please contact Michael Moysey in the first instance, contact details below, and have a chat about how you might be able to help.


Contact Mike:

Telephone: 01202 841478

Mobile      : 07834 519831