Dorset Council have produced a draft Local Plan containing proposals for guiding future development in the Dorset Council area up to 2038.

Within this Plan, there are references regarding the future location of Wimborne Rugby Club.

However! This information in the Plan is incorrect:

Leigh Park Playing Fields is currently the home of Wimborne Rugby Club. The club is however due to relocate shortly to new premises to the west of Wimborne as part of the development at Land to West of Cuthbury Gardens and Victoria Place. As a result, the existing premises will become vacant and should be used to significantly improve the quality of open space available at Leigh Park for residents. This could include the provision of a multi-use games area for five-a-side football, basketball, netball and other games. Some allotments could be set out, along with a community garden and landscaping to make the area more attractive. An appropriately sized building as a community facility would also be supported to provide for a youth club.

For clarity, and to quash any rumours that you may have heard, NO DECISIONS HAVE YET BEEN MADE on the future of the Club.

WRFC's Committee will be responding to the Council, asking them to correct the information.

View the Club's response HERE >>>

If you would like more information on the Plan, or wish to comment on it, please use the link below:

Viewing the plan - View the Dorset Council Local Plan consultation online.

References to Wimborne Rugby Club within the Plan can be found in Section 17.5.24 in the 'Wimborne and Colehill' Section