Wed 06 Nov 2019 15:58

Due to limited parking availability at the Club, there are growing concerns regarding safety and inconsiderate parking in the surrounding streets.
We all need to be aware of the restrictions on street parking and respect the understandable concerns being raised by the local community.
There is parking available on Brook Road, which is a short walk from the Club. 
It is also worth noting that we are expecting Traffic Wardens to be out and about in the coming weeks.
Therefore please:
  • park legally at all times, respecting double yellow lines and not parking across drop kerbs at any time;
  • don't block in cars / other vehicles;
  • be aware of leaving sufficient space for emergency vehicles to get through;
  • park considerately so others can get their car out of the space they are in.
On a related matter please also make sure your players knock off any excess mud from their boots before leaving the club and ensure any stray mud is in the gutter rather than on pavements.
Parking is one of those issues which is close to people's hearts so hopefully it goes without saying that as members of the rugby community we should be respectful, considerate and courteous at all times.
Many thanks for your continued cooperation.