Sun 30 Sep 2018 18:14

Dear Club Members

Welcome to the 2018/19 season at Wimborne RFC.

As always we look forward to a new season with renewed expectation and boundless energy! anticipating success on the pitch and furthering the development of the club and securing its future.

Senior Level Rugby

Following last season’s first foray back in South West One for a number of years. Despite a bit of a wobble mid season we were able to retain our status quite comfortably at the end of the season and can now look forward to a second season at the level with enthusiasm.

With the second fifteen lifting the Dorset & Wilts Cup at that level and the third team also securing promotion, I am sure we can look forward to competitive rugby right across the senior sides in the coming season. 


Coaching & Team Management

I am pleased to say in terms of the senior team management and coaching structure that Giles Hewson will continue to lead the team supported by Dave Oddie and new additions to the coaching team in Former player Frazer Wilford and Andy Marriott.
Dan Draper, Will Tabard
and Ash Anderson will provide management support to the teams. Although Chris Leaton has departed to Luxemburg on a sabbatical, he will continue to do some behind the scenes work for the club whilst he is away!

Barry Maidment will continue to oversee the overall rugby playing structure and continue to lead Colts level coaching for what he tells us will be the final season! with the able assistance of team manager Trevor Smith and the coaching team.



We remain eternally grateful to our various sponsors in whatever form of shape they might come. remain and who in one way or another continue to help financially and in kind towards keeping the club afloat!

Once again we are pleased to have the support of Abacus who for many years, largely unheralded, have provided us with match day transport to away matches and from MB Wilkes Limited by way of the provision of many tonnes of top dressing which we were able to apply to our over worked pitches during the summer break.

In addition Howdens Joinery have very kindly stepped in to provide a significant quantity of materials to allow us to undertake a complete refresh of the bar and  wash up area which has been badly needed for a number of years

Thank you to them all.


Around the Club

As you will all be very aware keeping the club facilities to a standard we can be proud of is something of a thankless task as the building is not getting any younger or easier to maintain! That said we must make sure we continue to make it as welcoming as possible for members and visitors alike. I have already mentioned Howdens input above and as a result, a hard working group of club members have been undertaking the bar refurbishment work during the summer and in addition freshening things up with a coat of paint here and there!
Thanks to them all

We have also continued to invest in the pitches this summer as I believe we have managed to get much better use out of them in recent seasons. Unfortunately whilst it might have been a splendid summer for many reasons the growing of new grass and regeneration of the pitches is alas not one of them! That said I would hope they will not be looking too bad or too hard by the time September comes around and without doubt the additional input of top dressing and seeding provided will help to sustain them through the season ahead.  


New Ground

We continue to meet on a fairly regular basis with Council, prospective developers, the RFU, Dorset & Wilts RFU, architects and other advisors to pursue the best course of action to secure our longer term requirements.

The planning consent for the overall development was eventually issued earlier in the year to the landowners was a significant step forward for us.

It remains a long haul business compounded by forthcoming changes in the structure of local government. That said we remain committed to endeavouring to secure the best possible outcome for the club and as soon as we are in a position to update on this be assured we will do so.


Mini & Youth

I am pleased to report that Simon Humphries will continue as the Chairman for the sections with able assistance from Jaqui Streener as Vice Chair. I am sure they will continue to develop the hugely successful junior sections of the Club and will continue to foster the links to the overall management of the club which in itself will continue to support the development of the One Club ethos we seek to achieve.

This season One Club Day will be on 29th September when Old Centralians are the first team’s visitors to Leigh Park



 We continually are looking to ensure we reach out to the membership by as many means as possible to make sure all receive as much information on the club and its exploits as possible. So whether you prefer the written word, the web site, or any of the other available forms of social media do please make your views known to keep you in the loop and not missing out on any communications that we might be putting out there!


In particular this year we need to endeavour to get more people on board to assist in the running of the club. Any volunteer is priceless and any level of help will be gratefully received. 


Membership & Subscriptions

As always we continue to strive to keep the club solvent in what are very challenging financial times. By prudent management we continue to keep ourselves financially afloat and therefore have resolved to keep membership fees at their current level right across the club.

You will find enclosed the senior membership forms accordingly and I would urge that you get these completed and returned to Bob Fountain at the very earliest opportunity to aid our cash flow at the very busy early season time of the year. Alternatively come along to club registration day on Saturday 18th August and do the deed face to face!

I believe our membership rates still represent incredibly good value when compared with other local clubs and I would suggest that it is beholden on all users of the club and its facilities to ensure you are contributing to ensuring we can keep it so!


Core Values

 Finally as always I believe it is important that at all times in everything we do in, for or at Wimborne RFC we remember and apply the Core Values of the game which we as a club have signed up to


 As many of you will be aware Mike Wickenden has now stood down after many many years as President and it’s my pleasure and privilege to step into that position for the forthcoming season whilst not totally stepping out of various day to day management activities as well!  


I look forward to seeing you at Leigh Park in the coming weeks.


Best regards for a successful and enjoyable season

Michael Moysey


Wimborne RFC Limited